The Unexpected

by Paul French
VP, Product & Solutions Marketing

I recently met with some folks from an industry-leading financial services organization that’s a customer of Axway’s as well as a customer of several other prominent managed file transfer vendors. The question they asked (and I hear it all the time) is this: “How do I stop being a customer of multiple vendors?”

They never expected this to happen. They never expected to buy one or two items from multiple vendors.

But when they acquired a division of another leading financial services company, the unexpected happened.

The newly acquired division had a point solution that one small group within the division had purchased to fix an immediate problem. The group had to have their solution right now. They didn’t want to spend time figuring out how to fix an immediate problem using the standardized system their company already had in service.

The next thing the company knew, they were running several solutions from several different vendors, and nothing was running particularly well.

How did they resolve this issue? They adopted a cost-effective, highly available and highly reliable solution that they could standardize on, and the results were tremendous.

They learned the hard way that file transfer is no longer the simplicity of moving a file from one point to another. It’s providing a reliable, telecommunication-like, dial-tone service that we take for granted. And we should take it for granted, too, because it’s not that hard to move a file.

What’s really hard is to provide governance, visibility, security and incremental managements that allow you to get things deployed in a hurry so that you don’t have to go back to the days when somebody needed something and they didn’t trust your organization to deliver, so they just went off and did it themselves.

The vision of a true centralized service that provides file movements is here. If you make an investment in best practices and a tool set that provides for all the appropriate interaction patterns—system-to-system for the back end, B2B, and H2H for unplanned processes (i.e., unplanned file movements)—your files can be delivered effectively. You won’t have to ask yourself how your company can stop being a customer of multiple vendors anymore than you would have to ask yourself how your household can stop being a customer of multiple electrical appliance brands. You’ll have the infrastructure for the former just as you already have wall sockets for the latter.

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