Three Words to Say to C-Level Management About Complete MFT Data Security (Pt. 2)

by Shawn Ryan
VP Technology Marketing & Chief Architect

(To read the first part of this blog post, click here.)

There are five different types of interaction patterns that demand governance and data security: B2B, application integration, multi-site integration, portal based file transfer and ad hoc managed file transfer. When you boil business interactions down to the simple elements, these are the primary patterns, addressed here for file-based business interactions but also applicable for other mediums. The data carried across these patterns represents critical revenue channels, points of customer touch and sensitive data to boot.

To effectively govern them, they must be managed in the context of the communities and the constituents involved (the community of your suppliers, buyers and strategic business partners). As you need to bring up new transmissions, take down old ones and change your business, you can gauge the effectiveness of governance of these interaction patterns based on three criteria: quality, speed and cost.

These channels are a source of revenue for your business and they have a life cycle. The faster you perform activities associated with onboarding and other phases in their life cycle, the sooner you’ll realize revenue. Further, in this process, the closer you are to your customer, the better you are at it and, again, the sooner you will achieve revenue in these channels and increase customer retention.

Effective management means more than just establishing and maintaining life cycle—it means visibility and policy enforcement essential for subsequent phases. To govern means to have control over life cycle, audits, and alerts to anomalies and policy violations so you know when to act. Do you have this control over all patterns?

(To be concluded.)

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