B2B2C Deployed

by Paul Lavery, Director – Solutions Enablement, Supply Chain, Axway

My smartphone just told me that the aspirin I just took might be on recall. Oh, and it also just sent me a link to a tracking portal that provided me with some detail about the potential risk. Okay, good, it seems like it’s only a label and quantity issue. Now, how do I get my money back?

The convergence of B2B with B2C is here. Mobile devices and web access are proving to be the primary drivers for information usage patterns, extending data into “anyplace, anytime” markets. Solutions such as e-coupons, scan-driven service, product offers, and RFID electronic product code (EPC) integration are being deployed at an accelerating pace.

These leading edge technologies rely heavily on “interaction patterns” to both communicate and transact with customers and channels. Business Integration Networks (BIN), a set of forward-leaning technologies, will become the core architectural platform concept for successful mobility-oriented services: B2B2C deployed.

In my next post, I’ll explore why the evolution and convergence of BINs will materially impact every organization in the world.

I think I need another aspirin. Make it two, and in a new bottle…PLEASE!

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