The Infrastructure Does Not Understand the Data Itself

Taher Elgamal, CSO, Axway

“All companies today get to deal with information that somebody else owns, and that’s a very interesting thing. If I’m processing the information on behalf of someone, that¬† information can have a lot of confidential…things, can have a lot of privacy issues for individuals, and so on and so forth. It turns out that it’s really, really difficult to understand data as a piece of the infrastructure. You have to do a lot of work. Effectively, a lot of the data leakage protection products actually ended up doing that.¬† …if you try to fast forward several years from now, I think these technologies will end up being part of an audit, not part of the operational management of the network or the security of the network or the security of the applications or any of that. And I think that at some point the applications that manage data will end up taking a lot of the interesting technologies that you can use to understand what the data is about, understand what to do with the data, understand how to impose policies and enforce things and understand who’s allowed to do what with the data versus who’s not.”

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