Dynamic Processes

Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

“The challenge comes when it really is a file movement problem more than an email problem. Because you may have really, really large documents that bring in absolutely everything that’s on this ship. Absolutely everything that might be between a taxpayer and a county government or a state government, or be between a military agency and some logistics or procurement provider. The files are big and obviously extremely sensitive. Leaving that to chance in an email system or leaving that to chance with some free or unregulated (solution) or, even worse, leaving it to chance with a USB drive, is a risk profile that most customers don’t want to have to think about. So the answer is the ability to enable these very non-standard, fluid processes and the people that are involved with them with a really, really secure and performing tool that will allow someone to send really, really big files–either to a system or to a human on the other side–while taking advantage of connection-level security and access-management security.”