They Find Higher Value Things to Do

John Thielens, Chief Architect, Cloud Services, Axway

“One of the things that people have been doing with Axway solutions over the years has been to study, analyze, integrate, and automate, to the greatest extent possible, the business processes, especially B2B or business integration processes. This has obvious benefits in terms of efficiency and cost to operate the system. But it might leave you thinking, ‘Well, gee, what do we do with all those people?'”

Cater to All the Flows

A commentary by Antoine Rizk, VP, B2B Program, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway, on the article “Consolidation, Virtualization Top State Government CIO Priorities”

“Consolidation is an important measure for IT savings. Not only for IT savings and cost-cutting but also it brings value and adds security, which the survey doesn’t say. It adds security because consolidation makes data flows centralized and governments more efficient. What they need to do when they look at consolidation is make sure that, at least for middleware, make sure that the consolidated platform can cater to all the flows which they see in government administration.”

Self Service Within a Community

Ulf Persson, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway

“Let’s say that we have the scenario where a bank wants to offer a new service, maybe a new payment service to its corporate clients or customers or maybe needs to do settlements with other banks to satisfy a customer. Today, there are a few problems. There is a challenge due to the use of many applications and systems to really have an automated process where the bank, so to say, can run this as a new payment service campaign, maybe send me — responsible for the corporate client — send me an email (and) introduce me to this. But the challenge today is that all of the applications, both on the customer side and the bank side, are not integrated. They’re not automated. The process is not automated across these applications.”

Rapid Scalability

Joe Fisher, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Axway

All Forms of Business Interactions

Daryl Eicher, VP, Industry Solutions, Axway

Don’t Just Retrofit: Have an MFT Strategy from the Get-Go

Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

B2B Integration is…

Cedric Monier, Director, Integration Corporate Program – Product & Solution Marketing, Axway

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