Why “Auto-Configurable” Endpoints?

Joe Fisher, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Axway

“…think about the quick time to response, the ability to push content to a configurable endpoint so it can adapt and change to the demanding needs of the enterprise or of the partner ecosystem. And this can be done readily fast. So if it is autoconfigurable, all of a sudden you’ve increased the intelligence of the entire network and of your business ecosystem.”

Making Short Work of Different Formats

Mathias Bonnard, Product and Solution Marketing, Axway

“New business processes will have to be put in place. To that end, an integration broker and a process manager allow companies to redesign their process and execute them so that they can comply with new regulated business processes on top of the existing business application without affecting them and having to change them to deploy new versions of those business applications.”

What is the Optimal Business Process?

Joe Fisher, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Axway

“Many times, what happens is that we don’t think about enablement, and we put technology in place and it actually becomes a dam or a force field against what the business is trying to accomplish. Typically, it’s growing top-line revenue, controlling costs, protecting the organization from compliance violations, keeping sensitive information secure, (and) protection of intellectual property. There’s a lot of different things we try to do. And the key thing is making sure that we always keep in mind the concept of enablement. How do we enable the business…to grow faster, but within the protected confines that are put up around the organization?”

Keeping the Bottom Line in Check

Joe Fisher, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Axway

“We see a lot of files actually getting blocked because the filter thinks that it’s a spam message, when in fact it’s very high-value, very time-sensitive information that the organization is probably trying to communicate to their customer base. So you’ve got challenges of security, privacy, and then obviously the accuracy of letting the appropriate information in the organization and keeping the bad stuff out. A high-value document that might be time sensitive that has to get to your customer is something that you don’t want getting caught in a spam filter.”

Context and Content Awareness

Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

“Companies are completely changing the way their ecosystems work. It used to be where big companies just worked with big companies. Somewhere right now, there is a really, really big company who is receiving great value from one of their trading partners who is a single person with a MacBook in a Starbucks somewhere. You need to find a platform that will support those things.”

It Must Come with Enabling Tools: A commentary on the Bloomberg BusinessWeek article “The Age of Data Privacy”

Taher Elgamal, CSO, Axway

To read the original Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, click here.

B2B Integration is…

Cedric Monier, Director, Integration Corporate Program – Product & Solution Marketing, Axway

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