The Network’s Becoming Intelligent – On Location at RSA Conference 2011

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

“I think it goes beyond that. I think we have to start looking at the whole fabric, the whole network, beyond just cloud. How cloud intertwines to your corporate enterprise, how it intertwines to the new social medias, to the ad hoc users.”

Crossing the Chasm

A commentary by Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway on the article “IT Survey Spotlights Cloud Computing’s Potential, Misconceptions.”

“If you think about where they sit, and the job that they do, any time there is a major platform change or a major new platform introduced, it creates some uncertainty. So I can sympathize with the fact that they would play both sides of this, because you have to make sure you’re protecting your organization the best way possible. So they have to play both sides a little bit with these new platforms, because they’re assuming that they are more reliable and more secure and all those things, but they don’t know yet.”

The Momentum is Not Slowing Down

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

“People (are) continuing to buy cloud technologies, cloud infrastructures, cloud platforms, and I think it’s forcing (Larry Ellison) to start riding that same wave. And if you think about it, if I was Larry, I would be a little anti-cloud myself…for business reasons primarily. Because if you think about things like storage and databases and core technologies, even servers–brand is not as relevant when it comes to getting that compute power from a cloud provider. You’re paying for an SLA, you’re paying for uptime, scalability… You don’t really care if the storage is EMC or IBM or HP or somebody else, and you don’t care if the database is Oracle or MySQL.”

Rapid Scalability

Joe Fisher, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Axway

XaaS: X as a Service

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

A commentary on the Forbes’ article “Keeping Data Safe In The Cloud”

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Establishing Trust: Moving Into the Cloud is Just the Beginning

Willy Leichter, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway

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Upcoming: A commentary on IDC’s “Worldwide Enterprise Server Cloud Computing 2010-2014 Forecast”

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway