Self Service Within a Community

Ulf Persson, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway

“Let’s say that we have the scenario where a bank wants to offer a new service, maybe a new payment service to its corporate clients or customers or maybe needs to do settlements with other banks to satisfy a customer. Today, there are a few problems. There is a challenge due to the use of many applications and systems to really have an automated process where the bank, so to say, can run this as a new payment service campaign, maybe send me — responsible for the corporate client — send me an email (and) introduce me to this. But the challenge today is that all of the applications, both on the customer side and the bank side, are not integrated. They’re not automated. The process is not automated across these applications.”

Simplicity and Value

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway, comments on the article “Time to Re-evaluate SaaS Solutions?”

“A lot of people…misunderstand what’s happening in the market. They assume because Salesforce has become so dominant in CRM that SaaS is the model for everything. I think people have to step back and look at Salesforce…if you looked at the application and used it, you know it’s probably one of the better applications in the market, if not the best. So people thinking that Salesforce won because it was SaaS really are misunderstanding what’s happening in the market. I think Salesforce won because it was easy to use. It was more beneficial. There was more value to the users. So the proliferation of Salesforce continues to grow today. Even in a down economy it’s growing.”

XaaS: X as a Service

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

A commentary on the Forbes’ article “Keeping Data Safe In The Cloud”

To read the original article, click here.

B2B Integration is…

Cedric Monier, Director, Integration Corporate Program – Product & Solution Marketing, Axway

Policy Enforcement Starts with Provisioning

Daryl Eicher, VP, Industry Solutions, Axway

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