Repeatable Across New Applications and New Trading Partners

Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

“FTP has the perception of being wonderfully inexpensive, but really what it is, it’s reinventing the wheel every single time. It’s a blank sheet of paper, and you have to have a human go in and make specific decisions on what you expect that thing to do, and very rarely is it documented, very rarely is it done in a way that is repeatable across new applications, new trading partners, new security models, etc. So it creates a long-term cost drag. Every time you want to make a change, you have to find some human to deconstruct what was done and re-do it. Every time you want to roll something else out you have to start from scratch, which means your speed to market, your speed to deliver value to the business, is slower than it needs to be.”

Cater to All the Flows

A commentary by Antoine Rizk, VP, B2B Program, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway, on the article “Consolidation, Virtualization Top State Government CIO Priorities”

“Consolidation is an important measure for IT savings. Not only for IT savings and cost-cutting but also it brings value and adds security, which the survey doesn’t say. It adds security because consolidation makes data flows centralized and governments more efficient. What they need to do when they look at consolidation is make sure that, at least for middleware, make sure that the consolidated platform can cater to all the flows which they see in government administration.”

Genie in a Bottle

John Thielens, Chief Architect, Cloud Services, Axway

“I’ve seen some organizations go to real extremes, where they lock down laptops, they turn off USB ports, there’s no CD burning. The only folks I’ve ever seen really do it effectively was the CIA, where they took your memory sticks away when you walked in. There was a guy with a machine gun by the door. And, by golly, data that they didn’t want to get out of that building wasn’t getting out of that building. But falling short of that, most folks don’t really do a very good job of applying lock and key to security when they really should be thinking about data security and access control.”

Keeping the Bottom Line in Check

Joe Fisher, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Axway

“We see a lot of files actually getting blocked because the filter thinks that it’s a spam message, when in fact it’s very high-value, very time-sensitive information that the organization is probably trying to communicate to their customer base. So you’ve got challenges of security, privacy, and then obviously the accuracy of letting the appropriate information in the organization and keeping the bad stuff out. A high-value document that might be time sensitive that has to get to your customer is something that you don’t want getting caught in a spam filter.”

Community Hubs: Sign On, Sign Off, and Track

Paul Lavery, Director – Solutions Enablement, Supply Chain, Axway

Protect ALL of the Organization’s Data, Not Just SOME

Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

Compliance is an Opportunity

Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

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