Integrating with Other Identity Repositories

John Thielens, Chief Architect, Cloud Services, Axway

“Everybody wants me to register. They want to own my credentials so they can have, I guess, some kind of information about me to spam me later, so that they can independently have some assurance over my identity so they can allow me to securely transact. We certainly see this on the enterprise side as well.”

The Term “Governance”

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

“I think there’s also another way to think of governance, and we see that in different segments. At Axway…governance, we look at it in these three ways. It’s the policy management piece. It’s the whole enforcement of the policy. And it’s the monitoring of the visibility. And those three elements…you can just about put everything into it, other than your strategies that would feed that policy management. But, essentially, that, to us, is governance.”

Community Hubs: Sign On, Sign Off, and Track

Paul Lavery, Director – Solutions Enablement, Supply Chain, Axway

Software Automates, People Govern: Enterprise 2.0 vs. SOA Governance

Daryl Eicher, VP, Industry Solutions, Axway

XaaS: X as a Service

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

A commentary on the Forbes’ article “Keeping Data Safe In The Cloud”

To read the original article, click here.

Establishing Trust: Moving Into the Cloud is Just the Beginning

Willy Leichter, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway

To read the original article Willy is commenting on, please click here.

Heroic: Managing the Hybrid Environment of the Future

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

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