An Opportunity to Connect

Willy Leichter, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway

A commentary on the ZDNet UK article “Fog of definitions hides hybrid cloud’s truth”

“The hybrid (cloud) and cloud in general–I think there is a misnomer. A lot of the cloud hype sort of assumes that you’re going to just totally change your business, scrap everything, and move all your stuff to the cloud. And that may be the case for smaller businesses to some extent. But for enterprises, that’s not realistic.  But it doesn’t mean they’re not going to use the cloud. As they start leveraging communities, the connectivity, the ability to share information about who’s who and who you trust and where they can go, all of those policy controls across organizations are much better suited for the cloud. But it’s going to require integration with these legacy and very robust systems of connectivity that organizations use.”