What About WikiLeaks? What About Stuxnet? – On Location at RSA Conference 2011

Taher Elgamal, CSO, Axway

“This industry started out thinking of information security and migrated into a lot of other things. If we actually go back to information security as it was supposed to be originally, we would not allow people who are not supposed to have access to anything (to get) access to it. And we would not allow people to post things out without having the right to do that as well.”

Policies Driven by the People Who Interact with You – On Location at RSA Conference 2011

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

“Authorization today is so much controlled by the enterprise. In the future it’s going to be controlled more and more by the user.”

The Network’s Becoming Intelligent – On Location at RSA Conference 2011

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

“I think it goes beyond that. I think we have to start looking at the whole fabric, the whole network, beyond just cloud. How cloud intertwines to your corporate enterprise, how it intertwines to the new social medias, to the ad hoc users.”

Magical Code: SSL, RSA, and Taher Elgamal

Guest blogger Gary Miliefsky discusses the cryptographic protocol SSL and its inventor, Axway CSO Taher Elgamal, at the 2010 RSA Conference.

What’s Top of Mind at the 2010 RSA Conference

Kathryn Hughes, Product Marketing Director, Axway

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