The Data They Use in the Format They Choose

John Wilson, Director of Solution Enablement – FSI, Axway

“Being competitive is about finding new solutions that the market needs. It’s about developing programs. It’s meeting customer requirements. One of the requirements that a lot of people tend to overlook is organic growth. Taking care of your existing customers and building out more share of the wallet from them — this can be one of the easiest markets to grow since they’re already your customers, but it has to be done correctly.”

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A Holistic View: Internal MFT in the Financial Services Industry

John Wilson, Director of Solution Enablement – FSI, Axway

“When you think of setting up an SLA, and that causes you to cringe, that’s going to be a good indication that there’s areas for improvement. If you still have the memory of looking through all those audit logs for that lost file or trying to back out a duplicate file that was loaded…(if) those are still fresh in your mind, then these also may be good indicators as well. It’s a super competitive market. Any black mark to your reputation can cause devastation. Causes undue expenses, lost revenue, and even loss of customers.”

Cater to All the Flows

A commentary by Antoine Rizk, VP, B2B Program, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway, on the article “Consolidation, Virtualization Top State Government CIO Priorities”

“Consolidation is an important measure for IT savings. Not only for IT savings and cost-cutting but also it brings value and adds security, which the survey doesn’t say. It adds security because consolidation makes data flows centralized and governments more efficient. What they need to do when they look at consolidation is make sure that, at least for middleware, make sure that the consolidated platform can cater to all the flows which they see in government administration.”

The Service Level Agreement/Multi-Enterprise Scenario

Paul Lavery, Director – Solutions Enablement, Supply Chain, Axway

“What we’re talking about is transaction intelligence, really being able to take the information that’s flowing within the transaction sets from the various parties throughout the supply chain that are responsible, and making correlations and providing visibility. That visibility is actually essential to all the participants so that they meet the service level agreements that they have with their trading partners.”

Heroic: Managing the Hybrid Environment of the Future

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

B2B Integration is…

Cedric Monier, Director, Integration Corporate Program – Product & Solution Marketing, Axway

ROI: The Driver for Consolidation

Antoine Rizk, VP, B2B Program, Product and Solutions Marketing