They Find Higher Value Things to Do

John Thielens, Chief Architect, Cloud Services, Axway

“One of the things that people have been doing with Axway solutions over the years has been to study, analyze, integrate, and automate, to the greatest extent possible, the business processes, especially B2B or business integration processes. This has obvious benefits in terms of efficiency and cost to operate the system. But it might leave you thinking, ‘Well, gee, what do we do with all those people?'”

Integration Projects and B2B Transaction Flows

Paul Lavery, Director, Solutions Enablement – Supply Chain Axway

“How do you not have to go through a large restructuring or large integration project with your B2B traffic and your B2B transaction flow? Part of the challenge there is making sure that you’re getting the most of what you’ve already invested in, whether it be a communications gateway or it’s a translation software that you have on-premise, while at the same time looking at the total cost of ownership when you combine your maintenance fees alongside with value-added networks service charges.”

File-Based Integration: Faster, More Cost-Effective

Cedric Monier, Director, Integration Corporate Program — Product & Solution Marketing, Axway

“Most solutions on the market require (that you) modify the application so that they speak, rather than through files, through messages, to an ESB or to an integration suite.  And therefore, rather than using the existing files, you just have to re-engineer your applications so they are able to generate messages so that the integration task can be handled by the solution you put in place. So having an integration suite that matches the managed files allows you to implement integration services much faster, because you don’t have to re-arrange any of the applications, and very broadly in your information system.”

EDI Modernization

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

B2B Usage Patterns I Frequently See

Ulf Persson, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway

The HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Migration

Ruby Raley, Director, Healthcare Solutions, Axway

The HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Migration, Pt. 1

The HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Migration, Pt. 2

Companies are Trying to Figure Out How to Simplify Integrations Across Stacks

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

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