The Term “Governance”

Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway

“I think there’s also another way to think of governance, and we see that in different segments. At Axway…governance, we look at it in these three ways. It’s the policy management piece. It’s the whole enforcement of the policy. And it’s the monitoring of the visibility. And those three elements…you can just about put everything into it, other than your strategies that would feed that policy management. But, essentially, that, to us, is governance.”

Axway CSO Taher Elgamal Posts on “What About Biometrics?”

Axway CSO Taher Elgamal posted a blog post today on, a news and information portal that focuses on IT security. Please take a look and share your thoughts!

“Biometrics is the obvious choice, since virtually all users have fingerprints. But how can we integrate fingerprints in a *standard* way so that Web and enterprise applications can take advantage of them? How can we build middleware in a standard way so that anybody could log into any system with a fingerprint, so that applications could attach access control to different resources based on the identity associated with the fingerprint?”

Cater to All the Flows

A commentary by Antoine Rizk, VP, B2B Program, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway, on the article “Consolidation, Virtualization Top State Government CIO Priorities”

“Consolidation is an important measure for IT savings. Not only for IT savings and cost-cutting but also it brings value and adds security, which the survey doesn’t say. It adds security because consolidation makes data flows centralized and governments more efficient. What they need to do when they look at consolidation is make sure that, at least for middleware, make sure that the consolidated platform can cater to all the flows which they see in government administration.”

Integration Projects and B2B Transaction Flows

Paul Lavery, Director, Solutions Enablement – Supply Chain Axway

“How do you not have to go through a large restructuring or large integration project with your B2B traffic and your B2B transaction flow? Part of the challenge there is making sure that you’re getting the most of what you’ve already invested in, whether it be a communications gateway or it’s a translation software that you have on-premise, while at the same time looking at the total cost of ownership when you combine your maintenance fees alongside with value-added networks service charges.”

Crossing the Chasm

A commentary by Dave Bennett, CTO, Axway on the article “IT Survey Spotlights Cloud Computing’s Potential, Misconceptions.”

“If you think about where they sit, and the job that they do, any time there is a major platform change or a major new platform introduced, it creates some uncertainty. So I can sympathize with the fact that they would play both sides of this, because you have to make sure you’re protecting your organization the best way possible. So they have to play both sides a little bit with these new platforms, because they’re assuming that they are more reliable and more secure and all those things, but they don’t know yet.”

Self Service Within a Community

Ulf Persson, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Axway

“Let’s say that we have the scenario where a bank wants to offer a new service, maybe a new payment service to its corporate clients or customers or maybe needs to do settlements with other banks to satisfy a customer. Today, there are a few problems. There is a challenge due to the use of many applications and systems to really have an automated process where the bank, so to say, can run this as a new payment service campaign, maybe send me — responsible for the corporate client — send me an email (and) introduce me to this. But the challenge today is that all of the applications, both on the customer side and the bank side, are not integrated. They’re not automated. The process is not automated across these applications.”

Making Short Work of Different Formats

Mathias Bonnard, Product and Solution Marketing, Axway

“New business processes will have to be put in place. To that end, an integration broker and a process manager allow companies to redesign their process and execute them so that they can comply with new regulated business processes on top of the existing business application without affecting them and having to change them to deploy new versions of those business applications.”